The Process for Making Change

on a National Level

Federal Rule-Making: The Process


STEP 1:  Rule-Making Is CONSIDERED.

STEP 2:  Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) May Be Given.

STEP 3:  Rule Initiator May Ask For Public Comments About CONSIDERED RULE. = RFI (Request for Information).

ANPRM / RFI For A CONSIDERED RULE Are NOT Always Guaranteed.

STEP 4:  A Federal Agency Develops A PROPOSED RULE.

STEP 5: Office Of Management And Budget (OMB) Reviews The Rule.

STEP 6: The Federal Register Publishes The PROPOSED RULE.

STEP 7: Public Comment Period About The PROPOSED RULE Begins (30-180 Days).

**This Is A Crucial Time In The Process**

STEP 8: Federal Agency Develops The FINAL RULE When The Public Comment Period Ends.


STEP 10: The Federal Register Publishes The FINAL RULE.

The Public May Be Permitted To Submit Opinions & Recommendations During Steps 3 & 7 In The Rule-Making Process.

On June 24, 2019, The White House Issued A Presidential Executive Order.  Section 6 (b) Directed HHS & Treasury To Propose Regulations For DIRECT PRIMARY CARE To Be Treated As HSA-Eligible Medical Expenses.

On June 8, 2020, The US Department of Treasury Introduced A PROPOSED RULE In Response To The President’s Executive Order Codifying DIRECT PRIMARY CARE Medical Services As HSA-Qualified Medical Expenses.

We Thank President Trump For His Work And Support Of This PROPOSED RULE!

We Agree With Treasury’s Ruling That Direct Primary Care Is An HSA-Eligible Expense.

We Adamantly Disagree With Treasury’s Proposal That Direct Primary Care Is Health Insurance.

The Comment Period For This Rule Is Happening RIGHT NOW!

The Department Of Treasury Must Read, Consider, And Provide A Response To Each Comment Submitted.

Everyone’s Voice Is Important!

Our CALL TO ACTION: DPC Physicians, Patient Advocates, And The General Public

Please Support Us With Your Comments That DPC Is NOT A Form Of Health Insurance Before Aug. 10, 2020.

Go To:

Spanning 2+ years, DPC Action Made Over 20 Trips To DC, Had Continuous Email Contact with Top White House Policy Staff, Consulted IRS Lawyers, Testified For Senate and House Committees, Exchanged Emails, Scheduled In-Person & Remote Meetings With Key Congressional Members & Their Staff, Wrote Op-Eds & Articles, Participated in Pod Casts & Interviews.

We Will Continue To Work Tirelessly To Bring Americans And Our Patients The Ability To Have Choices For Their Healthcare!

Thank For Your Support.