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Improved access to affordable health care through independent Direct Primary Care

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Our Mission Is …

DPC Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advocating for improved access to affordable health care through independent Direct Primary Care practices.

Direct Primary Care is …

…a doctor’s practice model that works like “Netflix for Medicine”.  You subscribe to your local doctor’s practice for a monthly fee and binge on health care when you need it!

The doctor/patient relationship as it should be.

Taking Action

Action - Senate Testimony

Dr Lee S. Gross

Action - State Testimony

Dr. Kim Corba

Action - Federal Testimony

Dr. Josh Umbehr

Victory Defined – Achieving Measurable Results

Real World Results

Our Leaders FightTestimony – Policy – RelationshipsContributions to Success

  • BIG WIN: Presidential Executive Order on DPC & Price Transparency – Applauding White House and Behind the Scenes of the Road to Victory
  • DPC Legal Protections PASS in Florida
  • National Radio Shows (like Hannity) platform telling America to Binge on Health Care through DPC
  • Washington D.C. Policy Briefings for HHS, CMS, SBA & the White House
  • Successfully fought to have DPC Included in White House Report on Choice and Competition in Health Care

Our board members collectively have over 35 years of DPC experience, have helped train and/or launch 1,000 physicians and DPC practices across the nation, making us THE nation’s leading experts in the Direct Primary Care delivery model.

Mobilizing a Movement

Our Leaders Train & DoTeach – Message – Media – Enlisting an Army of Compassion

Action - Training the Masses

Burning Shoe Leather at Conferences, Policy Groups, and Public Events to explain the Direct Primary Care practice model – good for doctors, great for patients.

Action - Messaging the Movement

Simplifying the message to persuade the masses.  Our leaders speak powerfully to persuade – born of time, testing, and experience.

Action - Media Impacting Millions

Our team has already reached millions.  From national radio to specialty podcasts, our leaders model the message and invade platforms with hope for low cost/high quality health care.

Taking Action to Protect Direct Primary Care

Take Action for Direct Primary Care

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