The Practice Model that Prevails

…when doctors lay hold of their high calling and act to protect their freedoms and the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship.

Our successes come from making “house calls” on legislators, bureaucrats, and policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels.

We need you to take action to protect DPC by investing support in the single most effective group on the front lines of policy and primary care.

Commit to Support the Solution

The Case for DPC Action


 ~ Leadership Generating Results

Federal & State

From the White House to HHS through the SBA, our leaders regularly testify before the leaders making and shaping policy.

National Platforms

From national radio shows through conferences to podcasts, our team preaches the good news of health care freedom.

Messaging that Matters

Shaping the legislation, simplifying the message, and equipping the DPC practitioners to defend their calling in the public sphere.

Increase our Capabilities

We need the bandwidth for rapid response and big media platforms

DPC Legislative Victories

Winning in the States is the truly American Way.

Good ideas like DPC organically come to life as the success stories accumulate one State after another.

Your support fuels our speakers allowing us to tell the DPC story and testify to policy makers and thought leaders nationwide.

Fighting the Trojan Horse

Our team goes into high communication ALERT when allegedly pro DPC legislation comes from third party payers and big medicine interests.

One doctor – one patient – no third parties regulating the relationship, the service, or the care.  Leave medicine to the medical boards of the many States.

Many Practices with One Voice

Direct Primary Care is a practice model growing by leaps and bounds.

By advancing policy that allows for the growth of a diversity of practices in every economic and social strata, we are building into a true army of compassion – with the economic might to defend itself and advocate for our patients.

DPC Action is the voice of the independent private DPC practice, advocating for the legal environment and protections that will cultivate thousands of practices actually delivering care to millions of Americans.

Taking Action to Protect Direct Primary Care

Take Action for Direct Primary Care

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