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DPC Action Applauds the Introduction of the Personalized Care Act for Healthcare Transformation

[North Port, FL] – DPC Action, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting improved access to affordable health care through independent Direct Primary Care practices, proudly announces its wholehearted support for the groundbreaking Personalized Care Act. This transformative legislation, introduced by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), promises to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by reforming Health Saving Accounts (HSAs).

As actively practicing physicians ourselves, the Board of DPC Action firmly believes that the Personalized Care Act represents a significant step forward in empowering patients, liberating employers, and freeing physicians from the constraints of the current healthcare system.

The key highlights of the Personalized Care Act are as follows:

1) Empower Patients: The Act seeks to expand the cap on contributions and broaden the uses of pre-tax HSA healthcare dollars, granting patients the freedom and control to seek out the coverage and high-quality healthcare services that best suit their needs. By placing patients at the forefront of the healthcare system, this legislation ensures that they regain their rightful place as the central focus, rather than being intermediaries in financial transactions between providers and insurers.

2) Liberate Employers: Through equalizing the tax advantages of individually purchased coverage with employer-provided plans, the Personalized Care Act liberates employers from the burden of serving as de facto healthcare providers. This freedom will allow businesses to redirect their focus toward their core operations and foster economic growth.

3) Free Physicians: By clarifying the use of HSAs for direct patient-physician contracts, the Personalized Care Act levels the playing field for physicians who choose to engage in these direct arrangements. This newfound freedom will liberate physicians from the cumbersome obligations of the third-party payer system and empower them to be true advocates for their patients, rather than mere gatekeepers of insurance company interests. As a result, physician satisfaction will improve, stemming the exodus of physicians from healthcare that is threatening our system.

In light of these transformative reforms, DPC Action calls upon all supporters to take action and reach out to their respective Representatives and Senators to urge them to endorse and support the Personalized Care Act.

Dr. Lee Gross, chairman of DPC Action, states, “We firmly believe that the Personalized Care Act has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by placing the power back into the hands of patients, employers, and physicians alike. It is time for a patient-centric approach, and this Act offers the foundation for such a transformation.”

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About DPC Action:

DPC Action is a non-profit organization committed to advocating for improved access to affordable health care through independent Direct Primary Care practices. The organization is composed of actively practicing physicians who are passionate about patient-centered care and promoting a healthcare system that values personalized, high-quality medical services.