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White Papers, Analysis & Editorial

Opinion: The Case for Health Reimbursement Arrangements and DPC – Dr. Lee Gross

in Free Market Market Healthcare Solutions – March 11, 2019

Opinion: Right to Health Care Gives Government Power – Dr. Chad Savage

in The Detroit News – March 6, 2019

Opinion: Why Do Americans Settle for Our Broken Health Care System? – Dr. Chad Savage & Gabriela Eyal, Psy.D.

in Real Clear Health – January 25, 2019


Video Training

The Big Picture of DPC

Board member Dr. Josh Umbehr speaks to implementing value in health care and understand why DPC practices succeed.

Recorded live at DPC 2017 by our sister organization, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

Can DPC Save Money?

Board member Dr. Chad Savage presents as point by point analysis of the third party payer model versus DPC. In his comedic style, the data comes alive as the shocking realities leap off the screen. Ending the cost drivers in the insurance model is not only good for doctors, but life changing for patients.

Recorded live at DPC 2017 by our sister organization, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation

… and so much more coming as we ramp up operations!

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