by Chad Savage, M.D. – March 19, 2020 – BREAKING

“Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste”
A bill intended to relieve the suffering and dying of Americans should not become a vehicle to pass unpopular legislation. This is exactly what is happening in the massive bill currently rushing through the Senate intended to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the Coronavirus.

Buried on page 171 of 247 of the 3rd Coronavirus bill is Sec. 4403. This section, of a bill intended to assist those suffering from Coronavirus, incorporates the unrelated S. 2999 “The Primary Care Enhancement Act” . S. 2999 is a bill which had little chance of passage on its own as it set dangerous new precedents and confounded the very Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctors it claimed to help. Its incorporation in his broader bill is inappropriate. 

Please join me by URGENTLY contacting your Senators and ask that they remove this harmful language. Insist that during this time of National Emergency they throw away politics as usual and instead pass a clean bill. 

Find your Senator’s number using the following link and ask them to remove Sec. 4403:

Our Original Analysis of the Legislation: